Flat carton serialization station

The packaging lines in the pharmaceutical industry handle several flat cartons. Manual packaging lines require separate stations for printing, inspection and serialization of these cartons. Multiple stations increase the cycle time and may decrease carton quality during handling. Also, adapting a manual system to multiple packaging lines requiring different print formats can be time-consuming and not very efficient. In its turn, a single automatic workstation handles all activities of printing, quality control and serialization of flat cartons for multiple packaging lines.

Serialization of flat cartons for small and medium sized productions in pharma industry

Trackflat from SEA VISION is a workstation that prints, controls and serializes flat cartons in small and medium batch productions. A high-resolution camera and light unit inspects codes and data printed on the pre-loaded cartons. On sensing a defect, the system generates a reject carton signal as per the ANSI grading control. Rejected cartons are automatically directed to a dedicated bin while good cartons go to a vertical storage and then to packaging lines. Feed rolls ensure precise transport across stations to maintain the cartons flat. Control results are displayed on the HMI in real-time and, consequently, the serialization software transmits the batch information to the packaging line machines. Any change in print layout is easy to adjust, which makes the workstation adaptable to multiple packaging lines.


  • Compact and ergonomic workstation
  • Integrated vision inspection system
  • Suitable to small and medium-sized productions
  • Adaptable to multiple packaging lines with quick format change
  • Compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11

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