Facial Tissue Box Cartoning Machine

Tissues come in various formats, such as men’s sizes, family boxes, or travel tissue packs and it’s their unique carton design that makes them stand out on the shelf. Having one system in place that can handle and feed all tissue variations into flexible carton shapes will improve your packing process.

Pack tabletop tissue boxes with a smart cartoning system

The MAESTRO Cartoner, from Mpac, is an automated tissue carton packaging system suitable for tabletop napkin cartons applications like napkin dispensers or tray packs. The technology uses a feeding system with side pushers and an Intelligent Machine Interface for information on machine status and control for changeover procedures. During operation, it will automatically detect the presence of a product and will only set up the necessary carton packaging. It is made of durable and hygienic stainless steel. It is also equipped with interlock doors for safety. The system is servo-driven and coupled directly to its components and its open frame design that allows easy access and good product flow visibility.


  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Max capacity 450 cartons/ min.
  • Easy operation and quick changeover
  • Automatic product detection

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