Entry-level vertical cartoner for frozen food

When it comes to frozen food, selecting quality packaging is fundamental for protection from the entry of microorganisms, light and loss of moisture. Apart from offering a good protection, the chosen material must also withstand freezing temperatures. With all this in mind, cartons are the most preferred packaging solution for frozen food, because it is economical, easy to fill, strong and quite resistant to oil and water. A vertical cartoner is a good choice to have boxes filled with frozen bulk products.

Continuous motion cartoning machine to fill cartons vertically

The VCM series manufactured by Senzani uses special components and materials such as stainless steel suited to the maintenance and cleaning requirements of the frozen food industry. This machine can cover a broad range of speed rates until reaching a production of maximum 150 cartons per minute. Cartons are loaded in the carton magazine in which photocells check the correct positioning of the carton. A rotary extraction turret picks the cartons one by one and positions them in a carton holder carousel with a continuous motor drive. Then hot-melt glue is applied to the bottom flaps. Pivoting discharge funnels ensure a constant filling of the cartons and successively detectors control product level. After filling, the upper flaps are also closed with a glue application. To avoid waste, this machine can be provided with a no product/ no carton function, in case of a product missing in the infeed flow, this specific function prevents the relevant cartons from being picked, avoiding carton rejection and glue use and waste.

It is easy to change the shape and size of the packaging, there is no need for any additional tools with the VCM series. The size changeover set includes instructions in the operator’s manual to avoid mistakes.


  • Positive opening of the cartons
  • Automated rejection of improper closed cases
  • Carton holders in stainless steel AISI 316
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for a single operator
  • Quick release of carton holders

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