Entry-level blister machine

A start-up solution for contract packing and generics manufacturing with an easy-to-get upgrade available.

Easy to upgrade compact blistering solution

The Romaco Noack DPN 760 Entry-level blister machine is a compact, entry-level solution ideal for start-up operations. It offers a number of upgrade options to eventually increase productivity; the Upgrade options include automatic feeding systems, filling inspection and ejection station, in-line foil printer, print mark registration not to mention the complete line with promatic cartoner.

This Entry-level blister machine can produce 400 blisters per minute and have a weight of 1500 kg. Basic dimensions of the machines are 3150 x 1350 x 1700 (L x W x H, in mm).


  • Output of up to 200 blisters per minute
  • Number of upgrade options to increase productivity
  • Quick changeover thanks to innovative servo technology