Effective Visual Inspection System for Capsules

The attribute of capsule packing is a critical parameter that controls the quality of medicine. Consequently, customer satisfaction is strongly concerned with it. Automated inspection for any errors in capsules is paramount to ensure there are no problems with for example brand recognition.

Sorting and quality inspection of capsules through automation

To inspect and control the quality of capsules, Stream by Sensum is a good choice for large-scale capsule quality control. The machine facilitates inspection during the passage of capsules through a conveyor belt with the ability to move in the forward direction, rotating around its axis. The equipment can take more than twenty images of a single product to ensure detection of wide variety of possible defects. The machine is controlled with the help of user interface graphics. The product is sorted based on the dirt, dents, dots, holes, bubbles, misalignments, and paint damage. The movement of each product is monitored using the automated system until sorted to the desired position with the help of compressed air. The design of equipment is simple, complete, and user-friendly, which has increased its acceptance in medical production industries.


  • Inspection capability of about 120.000/hr
  • The machine can sort capsules in size range from 5 to 000
  • Colour sensitivity with 3D imaging analysis
  • Simple machine for use, cleaning and changeover