Economic turn-table stretch wrapper

Wrap up to 20 loads per day on an easy-to-use turn-table that ensures safe-to-ship loads.

Semi-automatic stretch wrapper that’s gentle for your load and your budget.

The Lantech G Series stretch wrapper is the perfect choice if you have to wrap only a few pallets a day. The G Series pallet wrapper provides durability and is backed by a 3-year unlimited cycle warranty.  It features easy to use controls that help you deliver professional results on every load.

The turn-table speed is maximum 10 RPM and is variable. The maximum load height it affords is 228.6 cm and the maximum load weight is 1588 kg. It has the feature of “Wrap Cycle Pause” and it pauses the machine whenever you want, and start right where you left off, without resetting the machine. Other features include; Banding Mode and G Force Firm Delivery system. It is fork truck portable. Changing the wrap profile is as simple as entering the number of wraps for top and bottom of pallet load and adjusting appropriate turntable and film delivery system speeds.


  • Stops film delivery system at selected areas and applies selected number of film revolutions
  • The machine can be paused when desired
  • Tension release lets you reduce tension so the film doesn't pull out when you start wrapping
  • Maintains highest consistent film tension so load can be wrapped as tight as possible
  • Operator safety is enhanced by a 20" safety clearance between the turntable and mast

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