Dust and concentrate handling in smelting plants

Modern metal smelting operations involve extremely harsh conditions that present a challenge for process equipment reliability and service life.  Successful operators in this industry rely on proven material handling experts to provide robust equipment designed specifically for the particular application.

Dust and concentrate handling solutions for the harshest of environments

Raumaster has been working in industrial material handling applications for over 30 years and offers customized conveyor and feeder systems for handling both dust and concentrate in metal smelting plants.  Concentrate that has been treated with sulfuric acid is fed to concentrate dryers suing Raumaster’s equipment with little risk of corrosion or other maintenance issues due to the tightly sealed conveyor design and careful consideration of the equipment’s resistance to abrasion, high temperatures, and chemical exposure from the very beginning of the design process.  The company also provides dust handling solutions which help recycle dust from downstream processes back to the smelting furnace.  The dust handling equipment is designed with the same eye toward robustness and worry free operation in the harsh smelting plant environment as the concentrate feeders.  Raumaster’s engineers work with customers to find optimal solutions to their smelting plant material handling needs and conveyors can be integrated directly into customer equipment to minimize connections and other areas vulnerable to damage and wear.


  • Well proven designs from an industry leader in material handling in harsh environments
  • A full product suite of material handling solutions is available for smelting plants
  • All equipment is designed for reliable operation and minimized process interruption
  • Closed design of smelting plant dryer feeders limits sulfuric acid condensation
  • Designed to resist high temperatures, abrasion, and chemical exposure