Double head tray former for punnets

Tray forming machines can be an investment at first and require some technical knowledge. However, if you require more than 500,000 trays per year, or are a cardboard supplier looking to scale up your business, tray forming facility can be an efficient and economic solution.

High output and compact machine for small boxes and punnet

Boix’s MCT-1 series of tray and punnet formers are automatic and adjustable machines with double heads to erect trays and punnets of sizes between 70x70x30mm and 400x300x150mm. It is a high flexibility and user-friendly solution that can produce trays or punnets made from both solid and corrugated cardboard.

The double head tray former for punnets is a two-headed machine to form solid boards and corrugated boxes or punnets. The presence of double head design gives it the possibility to erect two different sizes of trays simultaneously making it flexible and ensuring optimal output. It is a compact machine for making small boxes and punnets. Two different versions are available depending on the required output. It produces high quality and stable boxes requiring lesser space for production by reducing manual labour. The cardboard trays produced, can be used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, canned and bottled beverages and liquid food etc.


  • Can erect standard and conical boxes or punnets
  • Possibility of integration into a production line
  • Reduced material costs
  • Save labour costs
  • High output speeds ranging from 1550-3000 trays per hour per head