Dosing machine for nonfree-flowing powders

Fill poorly flowing powders, dry syrups and similar substances into various glass or plastic bottles with any type of closure.

Fill non free-flowing powders into a variety of bottles

The Romaco Macofar macrodosers MT 6 and F 4/PC are continuous motion powder filling machines suitable for dosing non free-flowing powders into all types of glass or rigid plastic bottles and the subsequent sealing with any type of closure (pilfer-proof, screw caps, press-on caps etc.). Powder dosing is performed by vacuum-pressure. The dosing disc has individually adjustable pistons, complete with suitable filtration material made of stainless steel mesh with a porosity that can vary according to the type and granulometry of the powder. The continuous motion operation minimizes powder loss and assures a high filling accuracy. A modular and flexible design allows a fast changeover.


  • Screwing head for plastic screw caps
  • Vacuum/pressure dosing into funnels
  • Transport container with vibration of dosing carousel
  • Machine can be equipped without the closing group