Clinker cooler

Competitive clinker production and cooling is essential to cement producers over the world. Now there is a next generation clinker cooling system that will give producers an edge over the competition.

A next generation clinker cooling system redesigned for better efficiency and reliability

Claudius Peters’ ETA system is a fully modular clinker cooling system designed to replace the older satellite style coolers and alleviate many of the problems associated with them. The system consists of a static inlet and cooling and transport beds and outperforms traditional systems in many ways. Clinker is discharged from the kiln onto the static inlet where it is quenched with air blasts and evenly distributed onto the cooling and transport beds. Clinker is moved along the beds via reciprocating motion of independent lanes within the bed actuated by hydraulic cylinders. As each lane moves forward 100 % of the clinker in it moves with it, on the back stroke however, only 25% of the clinker is moved. In this way the clinker is moved along the bed by the continued reciprocating action of the lanes. This method of transport reduces machine wear, required maintenance, and product loss when compared to traditional methods. Independent control of the lanes gives another level of control over the distribution of clinker within the bed. The number of lanes is determined by the width of the bed and the required capacity of the system. This method of transport greatly reduces wear and associated maintenance and efficiency issues associated with traditional designs. Cooling is achieved by an airflow through the clinker bed from underneath. The flow is generated by fans and routed through special channels on the underside of the transport lanes for even distribution throughout the entire clinker bed this too is an enhancement over traditional clinker cooling equipment because even cooling of all the clinker is achieved with less energy required.


  • Transport beds components typically reach operating temperatures of only 40 C
  • Clinker typically cooled to only 52 C above ambient temperature
  • Fully modular design for easy install and customization to any plant
  • 5 years guarantee on key components of transport bed
  • Up to 15.000 tons per day capacity