Hygienic bundles for can seaming equipment

Ferrum offers three hygienic bundles that meet the highest standards regarding hygiene and cleanliness. Packages you can easily order as upgrades ensure you can meet the ever-increasing requirements in beverage manufacturing. New improvements make cleaning the terminator more manageable and efficient, making contamination a thing of the past. An inclined drip pan also prevents the collection of residual liquids.

Hygienic package 1: Stand base with “sloping” tub

This design features an angled stainless steel drip pan, simplifying liquid drainage and preventing fluid build-up, even during the cleaning process, thanks to a removable exhaust outlet. The newly developed drainage system is more efficient in cleaning the drainage channel.

When using this hygiene package, the bottom of the equipment is upgraded with a tilted stainless steel tray, so the liquids dripping can flow out, reducing potential cross-contamination. In addition, users can disassemble the drainage channel for easy cleaning.

Hygienic package 2: housing and lid made of stainless steel

The top section housing, casing, and lid are 100% stainless steel and feature a fully welded construction. This also allows you to use more efficient chemical cleaners for the top that would otherwise cause corrosion on the painted surfaces.

The design also presents more rounded frames with external seals, which ease the cleaning process.

Hygienic package 3: instrument with improved hygienic design

The can is in contact with the tool parts, so our engineering team paid particular attention to minimizing flat surfaces and optimizing edge radii to keep the risk of contamination low. This also includes the improved stacking cylinder and the use of hygienic screws. The can makes contact with the transfer parts, which must have a hygienic design, minimizing smooth surfaces and an optimized corner radius on the transfer parts to keep contamination as low as possible.

The pneumatic stainless steel cylinder with a “no can, no lid” function allows the use of chemical cleaners in this area. More efficient cleaning thanks to reduced spray shadows. Use of hygienic screws and threaded fittings


  • Compressed hoses
  • Media routing to the EFT with fixed piping
  • Can outlet open at the bottom
  • Lighting in casing
  • Optimized nozzle system