Bouillon cube press machine for medium-range batches

The pressing stage during the production of bouillon cubes or tablets requires optimal functioning and ease of work to deliver consistent end products. A compact and easy-to-use single punch press can be the ideal solution for starting up the production of quality products with maximum efficiency.

Single punch rotary press with a simple management tool to ease operation

The P20 rotary press from Bonals is a bouillon press to produce bouillon cubes with maximum efficiency for medium-range batches. It can minimize the powder waste by its automatic punch cleaning system as the punches are cleaned after ejection. It features smooth product handling and can be easily connected to any wrapping machine. It also has a single ejection system with a medium-range speed of up to 800 cubes/min or 600 tabs/min. The P20 human machine interface (HMI) helps to ease operations and reduce human errors. Its 7” touch screen will help you to perform easy operations faster while monitoring press conditions with direct access to the key functions.


  • Flexible changeovers
  • Compact design and space-saving
  • Up to 800 cubes/min or 600 tabs/min
  • Punches cleaned automatically
  • Lower cost for maintenance