Automatic straddle stretch wrapper

Select from an industry leading range of automatic stretch wrappers to prepare up to 110 neatly wrapped pallets per hour.

Automatic straddle stretch wrappers that can be optimized to your process

The Lantech straddle stretch wrapper range is suitable for wrapping between 30-110 loads per hour and encompasses both conventional straddles for straightforward wrapping and Leanwrap straddles for if you require more control over your wrapping process.

Lantech is committed to observing and understanding work first hand, inside customer plants. Models featuring LeanWrap™ technology come with a patented Metered Film Delivery™ system, Machine Generated Performance Data™ , the Pallet-Grip® system and the Load Seeking Clamp 4.0.

The patented Metered Film Delivery™ system ensures that film delivery precisely matches your load containment force specifications, your load size and shapes requirements and your speed requirements.

The Machine Generated Performance Data™ has built in process controls to provide detailed wrap and production data. You can monitor containment force, load containment profiles, minimum containment force, film weight and the number of film revolutions.  Get detailed productivity reports to floor personnel or, via Ethernet, to a central monitoring system. Report loads wrapped per hour, shift, day, week and month, stoppages for starvation or blockage, number of film breaks and a host of other key metrics.

The patented Pallet-Grip® system prevents load shifting off pallet: It helps you to lock your load to the pallet with a rolled cable of film.  The rolled cable is driven down automatically to position just below upper deck of pallet.

The Load Seeking Clamp 4.0 holds film 5 times tighter than conventional clamps. This translates to tighter base wraps and a more consistent wrap performance.


  • Wrap up to 180 loads per hour
  • Easy access to performance metrics
  • Minimize film breaks
  • 2X increase in wrap force without crushing or twisting
  • No need for performance tweaking