Automatic soft gelatin capsule machines

Soft gelatin (or softgel) capsules have become a popular mode of oral liquid dosing for the pharmaceutical and food supplements industries. Their obvious benefits include the lack of any taste, their tamper-proof enclosure, and the ease with which they can be swallowed compared to tablets and capsules. For full-scale manufacturing, a high quality, reliable, accurate and fast softgel filling solution is required. A machine range that offers a variety of throughput and speed options allows tailoring to your exact production requirements.

Full-scale, high quality softgel encapsulators for a range of production volumes

The SGM407, SGM610i, and SGM612i softgel encapsulators from Technophar offer industry-leading quality and reliability for the full-scale production of oval or oblong filled softgel capsules. With maximum output capacities ranging from 172,800 capsules per hour up to a class-leading 506,880 per hour, the SGM range has the ability to meet your exact production needs.

All SGM models feature the same top-quality systems and components and feature superb build-quality for operational reliability and longevity. The SGM range has avoided the need to use less reliable mechanical gearing, and has adopted servo motors and electronic gearing in all critical components to decrease downtime associated with preventative maintenance and breakdown.

The SGM softgel filling range are all built on solid aluminium frames, and offer a range of stainless steel outer covers to your requirements, including GMP/FDA specification if required. The all-stainless cladding ensures that SGM filling machine are easy to clean and sanitise and are totally corrosion-resistant for a long lifespan.

The SGM407 features a separate Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and electrical cabinet, while the other models are fully integrated. All feature a touchscreen user interface which gives quick access to, and full control over, all the production parameters. Each machine can produce oval or oblong capsules, and you can select the best option to fit your production throughput requirements.


  • A complete range of full-scale softgel encapsulation solutions
  • Choice of integrated or non-integrated units, all with touchscreen control
  • Greatly increased reliability thanks to servo motors and electronic gearing
  • Able to produce oval or oblong softgel capsules
  • Superb build quality with aluminium chassis and stainless steel covers