Automatic capsule loader

Capsules are a popular method of dosage delivery for a wide range of compounds. For anything other than the smallest of lab-scale production, the manual loading of capsules into trays prior to filling is a time-consuming bottleneck in the process. An automatic or semi-automatic capsule loader can massively increase the throughput and efficiency of your small to medium scale production.

Automatic and semi-automatic solution for capsule filling tray loading

The MS 1 from Multigel is an automatic capsule loader designed to complement the MS 6 AUT capsule filler as part of an automatic capsule production system.

Available in full and semi-automatic options, the MS 1 can quickly align and load batches of either 150 or 300 capsules into filling trays. The MS 1 is able to fill a 300-capacity tray in under 40 seconds, offering a throughput of up to 30,000 capsules per hour.

Designed for maximum flexibility, the MS 1 can align, and load capsules sized from 000 to 5. Its footprint is only 410mm x 700mm meaning it can be placed in the most convenient place for workflow to the capsule filler.

Cleaning is swift and straightforward thanks to all product-contacting parts being easily and quickly removable. This reduces time taken in cleaning and maintenance.


  • Ideal companion for MS 6 AUT filler to make an automatic capsule production solution
  • All product pathways quickly and easily accessible for cleaning, reducing downtime
  • Up to 30,000 capsules loaded per hour, increasing your efficiency
  • Simple installation, only single-phase electricity required
  • Available in 2 batch sizes to suit your exact requirements