Additive and bed material feeding systems

Modern fluidized bed combustion furnaces require consistent and reliable delivery of bed material and additives to ensure efficient operation and adherence to tight emissions controls.  In today’s regulatory environment improper implementation or outright failure of the bed material feeding system can be catastrophic to any boiler plant.  Therefore successful boiler plant operators invest in high quality customized bed material feeders provided by industry leaders.

A complete bed material and additive feeder system customized for you plant by industry leading engineers

Raumaster has been working in the wood processing and energy industries in Finland for over 30 years. The company is a world renowned expert in biomass material handling solutions and has long offered a variety of products for the boiler plant and energy conversion industry. As combustion technology has changed the company has continued to innovate and now offers a full suite of bed material and additive feeder equipment for today’s fluidized bed combustion boilers. Raumaster offers a complete line of conveying equipment for lime, sand, sulfur, and other additives needed for efficient and clean boiler operation. Feeder systems are designed specifically for your application by experienced designers selecting from the company’s well proven catalog of components. Pneumatic feeders, mechanical screw conveyors, rotary feeders, chain conveyors, and supporting equipment are available. Raumaster feeding systems are known for reliable operation and as optimum solutions for even the most challenging feeding tasks.



  • Fully customized solution designed specifically for your boiler
  • Easy adjustment of feed rates to guarantee precisely controlled feed rates in all operational conditions
  • Full range of mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems is available
  • Feed lime, sand, sulfur, and other additives
  • Easy integration with Raumaster’s feed screening and recycling equipment