#Changemaker: When soil is a scarce resource, go soilless

Due to their healthy properties, the market of blueberries has expanded rapidly over the past year and their popularity has no sign of stopping.

Blueberries, like other fruits, need the right climate and soil to grow. They love the winter season as they are cold-hardy, being native to North America, and prefer acidic soils.

But wouldn’t it be nice if producers were able to grow blueberries in countries that don’t have the clime conditions or soil properties?

We met Projar, a company that produces artificial substrates that mimic soil properties to grow any type of vegetable or fruit in any type of climate.

They produce coir fiber, one of the most important soilless growing substrates on the planet, from the coconut husks that are ground, aged, dried and sieved.

The hydroponic technology can be applied to the blueberry plants in two ways: soilless production in coir bags or pots filled with substrate designed to match the plant’s needs.

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Fruit puree
Fruit puree