#Changemaker: the first, highly recyclable metal-free nasal spray pump

Sneeze, sniffle, blow your nose, repeat!

During these winter months, this is the routine of millions of people a day.

Nasal sprays can help us find relief by spraying the medication directly into our stuffy nose to relieve congestion and symptoms of cold or sinus infections. The only flaw in nasal sprays is that they contain components such as metal parts that make them hard to recycle.

Aptar Pharma, part of Aptar Group, aware of the problem, has been working on improving the waste generated by nasal sprays.

That’s why they developed APF Futurity, the first metal-free nasal spray pump produced from polyolefin materials, making it highly recyclable (> 90% – 95%).

APF Futurity reduces the need to separate components in recycling streams and supports a higher quality of recyclates. It was great to see Aptar green solutions at Pharmapack in Paris.

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Nasal spray
Nasal spray