#Changemaker: Trust nature. Paula ingredients, the company that produces dried fruits only from seasonal products

Each season has its own beauty… and its own fresh products!

This is the motto of the Polish company PAULA Ingredients, which completely relies on the seasonality of food products. In-season fruits and veggies are fresher, taste better, and have higher nutritional value than out-of-season food products.

The company produces dried natural food ingredients from fruit and vegetables.

Celery, parsley, beetroot, grenade, blueberry, papaya, you name it; PAULA Ingredients can dry it for you.

The company’s secret 🤐 is a unique vacuum drying process that preserves nutrients and textures, ensuring better taste, appearance, as well as natural and long-lasting color matching fresh fruit.

Thank you, Paula Ingredients. It was a pleasure meeting you at Food Ingredients.

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Dried fruit
Dried fruit