#Changemaker: Let’s save “ugly” sweet potatoes with Batasta!

Would sweet potato pasta be sweet?

Yes, that was the first question we asked when we encountered sweet potato pasta at Free From Fair.

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Batasta presented three different colors of sweet potato pasta to us – white, light orange or light purple – which, of course, are based on the color of the sweet potato they used.

Martina Wanis, the founder of Batasta was thinking of ways to use extra sweet potatoes that are too big, too small, or “funny-shaped” to be sold in the supermarket. And her answer was pasta!

This sweet potato pasta is made out of 50% of sweet potatoes and 50% of gluten-free wheat flour. Hence, this pasta is gluten-free, nutritious, and sustainable!

The answer to the question on top is – No. Batasta has a slight taste of sweet potatoes, but barely identifiable. It tastes more like regular pasta, especially when you cook it with sauces.

Thank you, Martina Wanis and Batasta, for the awesome product and for saving funny-shaped sweet potatoes from being thrown away!


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Tomato sauce
Tomato sauce