#Changemaker: Discovering the Rooibos plant applications

There is an area at the southern tip of Africa called Cederberg mountain, which is one of a kind. Do you know why?

Cederberg mountain is the only place where the Rooibos plant grows naturally.

The Cederberg Region has been the home of the Rooibos Industry since 1954. This company has bet everything on this plant with extraordinary health-promoting properties, becoming the world’s leading company in Rooibos production.

Rooibos extracts can be used in cosmetics, supplements, baked goods, or beverages. The plant has unique anti-inflammatory compounds that can be applied to topical products. ❤️‍🩹

Rooibos Industry manufactures Rooibos extracts in its on-site extraction plant, using only water during the extraction process.

Thank you, Marijke Ehlers and Olof Bergh, for explaining the properties and applications of this unparalleled plant. It was nice to speak to you at Food Ingredients Europe 2022.