#Changemaker: Can we reduce carbon emission by going plant-based?

Can we save the planet by going vegan?

Recent studies have concluded that switching to plant-based food can reduce carbon emissions by 61%.

Science has spoken, and when it does, we must listen. Foodiq didn’t ask for it twice.

The purpose of this food manufacturer that develops and produces plant-based products is to help food producers to accelerate the shift ↪️ to a plant-based diet.

At Food ingredients Europe 2022, Foodiq was among the award nominees for the plant-based innovation award with its latest product Fabea+. Fabea+ is a plant-based food ingredient available in block or powder form, made from fermented fava beans.

This multipurpose powder can take any shape and flavor and can be added to bread, milk, yogurt, or pasta, making everything more nutritious.

The block form can be used as a meat replacement because it reproduces the exact texture of the meat and has a shelf life of 140 days.

Thank you to Jar Karlsson for walking us through your innovative plant-based food ingredient!