Packing dry pet food in zipper pouches

With pet owners wanting more protective and attractive packaging for the pet food, manufacturers start to produce more intelligent packaging, such as the zipper pouches, which provides convenience for the consumers and serves as a good solution for protecting product quality with the zipping mechanism. While the traditional HFFS machine could have trouble holding the pouch during the packaging process, Bossar has developed an innovative technology as the solution.

Packing dry pet food in zipper pouches

Growing trend of pouch packaging for pet food

Due to the growing trend of pet adoption and the increasing awareness of pet health, pet owners are demanding the dry pet food products to be as good as other food products. Meanwhile, the industry has started directing its focus on pet food packaging, such as spill-proof, and the ability of maintaining product quality. Pouches, among all the other packaging solutions for pet food, will have higher demand by the fact that they are inherently convenient for consumers, including zippered closure mechanism as well as the reduced transportation fee due to their light weight.

Innovative technology to grip pouches in pet food filling and sealing process

When packing and processing large volume of dry pet food into pouches, it can be problematic for traditional cam-driven mechanical HFFS machines. This is because the grippers may not be able to exert enough pressure to hold pouches in place. Bossar’s Horizontal Form Fill Seal – BCS machine consists of mechanical grippers assembled on a linear carousel with intermittent motion that hold the pouches, keeping its position during the complete filling and sealing process.

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