Laser guided vehicles

Loading your products safely and efficiently is essential when you need to keep your stock moving and costs down. But when your plant floor is as variable as your products, you need a solution that provides the greatest flexibility of operation without the costly installation of fixed or moveable structures.

Laser guided vehicles for internal plant logistics

OCME’s Auriga serie is a highly reliable drive and route correction system. Laser-guided navigation uses special reflective targets fitted to the walls of the shuttle working area to provide a reference grid for shuttle orientation and steering.

The series is composed of three standard models with a loading capacity between 1,500 and 4,500 Kg. Two main variations of the model are also available: a lifting vehicle and conveyor-equipped vehicles.

All Auriga vehicles can be equipped with the following features: telescopic laser, load pre-stabilizers, additional load weight control and safety packages.


  • Three basic models, infinite configurations
  • Lifting vehicles can handle from one to eight pallets simultaneously
  • Forks may be short, long or telescopic, with fixed or adjustable format
  • Lateral stabilizing devices may be mounted on standard models to increase loading capacity
  • Conveyor-equipped vehicles may be provided with rollers, chains or belts

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