Laboratory test tube filling machine

Test tube filling needs to be accurate and efficient. Moreover, large laboratories test hundreds of samples simultaneously in extensive research. A laboratory test tube filling machine can take care of this task faster, and more accurately than a human assistant can.

Automatic test tube filling machines for production laboratories

The IQ-TRX Test Tube FIlling Machines from IQ Designs can fill many of the standard tube sizes on one machine. These innovative designs help eliminate the need for several pieces of equipment. Moreover, the change parts for running multiple tube types on one machine are easy and down without the use of any special tools.

There’s a touch control panel for easy user interface. The test tube caps are fed from an automated cap feeding station, while tubes arrive via a gravity fed hopper. All of the main operations are done in-line with each other and these stations include: An accurate persitcaltice pump delivers the media. Cap tightening station with cap tightening adjustment and verification, and optional labeling or direct printing onto the tube.

The IQ-TRX Test Tube Filling Machine offers optional: pre-flush gassing, labeling of pre-printed labels just below the cap, direct printing on the side of the tube, aseptic enclosure and automatic rack station for loading the finished tubes into the Clients specified racks.

The standard IQ-TRX  can fill a specific tube type 2,500 uph. The machine footprint is approximately: 2.2 meters across by 1.8 meters deep.


  • Fast accurate test tube filling with options for a fully automated system
  • A single test tube filling machine that can be customized to accommodate multiple tube sizes/types
  • Touch control panel simplifies operations in busy workplaces
  • Efficient footprint with high out to maximize floor space

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