Inspection machine for MAP packaged food in bags and trays

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) in the food industry is a technology that replaces the internal atmospheric air of a package with gasses in order to improve the shelf life of a food product. This makes the product last longer, improves its freshness and maintains the quality. In order to prevent problems with taste and flavour changes, an inspection machine is indispensable.

CO2 escape detecting system to ensuring packaging sealing

LDS700-IoT is an inspection system designed by FTsystem that detects the escape of carbon dioxide by identifying sealing defects due to micro-holes. It is manufactured to check a wide range of products packed in bags and trays such as bread, flat bread, cheese, meat, vegan meat alternatives, salty brioche, salads, sea food or ready to eat meals. The machine is provided with two rollers that softly squeeze the entire package during its passage from the conveyor belt. If there is a leak, this overpressure contributes to the escape of gas. In an analysis chamber, suction devices check for gas that might leak from the package. If escaping CO2 is detected, the system will reject the package. Since not all packages are the same, LDS700-IoT is suitable for a broad range of products in different shapes and sizes.


  • Hole detection at high conveyor speeds
  • Wide range of packaging can be inspected
  • Can be easily integrated into existing production lines