Inspection machine for carbonated drinks

To ensure product safety, many beverage manufacturers invest in an inspection system to detect leaks and measure the total pressure. Preventing damage to glass or plastic containers is important when measuring pressure of carbonated products. Laser spectroscopy technology is a fitting option for this, with this technology, the machine does not need to touch the product during inspection.

Laser technology to detect internal pressure and leakages

FTsystem PCS700_CO2 is an inspection system designed to measure pressure in all type of containers, independent of their colour and closure, filled with products like water, juices, carbonated soft drinks, beer, or sparkling wines. The system is provided with laser spectroscopy technology that analyses the gas in the headspace of the filled and sealed containers. When the container passes through a sensor, the laser emits a beam, and the receiver measures this beam after it has passed through the headspace of the container. Based on the variation of the laser beam caused by the interference from the molecules, it is possible to measure the pressure. Containers that have an internal pressure that is above or under target limits are rejected. An important feature of TDLAS technology (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) is that detection is not affected by the closure or the container shape or colours; there is no colour limitation, even the transparent and semi-transparent containers can be inspected (only 5% of transparency is required). Furthermore, it is also possible to detect a defect in the cap when it is already applied to the bottle.


  • Lower chances of damage of product container
  • Reduction of the costs because the laser technology does not need mechanical maintenance
  • Automatic rejection for over pressure or for under pressure
  • Detection not affected by physiological aspects of the closure or container itself