Inspection machine for canned beverages

Incorrectly filled beverage containers can bring damage to a manufacturer brand or create legal disputes concerning distribution of non-compliant products. To prevent such problems, x-ray is a widely used and inexpensive technology that automatically detects overfilled or underfilled containers and rejects them during the production process.

X-ray solution to detect fill level in containers

To detect the fill level in containers, the CL600-RX designed by FTsystem is a good solution to measure product volume in a controlled area. As the name RX suggests, X-ray technology is used in this machine, but depending on the characteristics of product and container, high frequency (HF) and infrared (IR) technologies can be used as well. During operation, cans pass one by one under the RX system in which the emitter generates a beam of x-rays, called a ‘blade’, that passes through the can and the product. The product inside of it attenuates the range of the beam blocking it. The receiver detects the variation of X-rays, which allows the measurement of filling level. Unlike glass containers where the receiver can only detect the minimum level, in cans the x-ray ‘blade’ system can detect a maximum and minimum for an acceptable level. Foam cannot be detected neither in the glass container nor in cans. The RX technology can be applied to several types of containers such as glass, PET, HDPE, cans or Tetra Pak which can contain a wide range of products like oil, sauces, detergents, powders, water, soft drinks, juices, tea, beer, wines, spirits and more.


  • Automatic rejection of underfilled and overfilled containers
  • It can be integrated with additional inspections (cap presence, label presence etc.)
  • Reduction of false rejections