Industrial petri dish filling machine

High throughput petri dish filling machines are traditionally slow and require a large amount of space to operate. An innovative industrial scale filling solution that has been engineered for both speed and compact size can provide key advantages that will generate an increased return on investment while maintaining the highest quality.

High volume petri dish filling for multiple dish types

The MX000 Series of Petri Dish Filling Machines from IQ Designs offers a flexible multiple-dish filling solution designed to deliver high throughput, versatility, ease of use and all while staying in a small footprint. A unique design enables the MX000 series petri dish filling machines to occupy about 50% of the footprint of other petri dish filling machines while having a higher output than all of them.

Available in a range of models to suit your requirements with the volume of 500 to 6,000 units per hour, the MX000 series features a fully enclosed class 100 HEPA filtered drying environment for 100% open lid drying. It provides adjustable drying time, together with a print station and multi-cavity pouring.

Changeable input/head parts and output parts allow the ability to run many dish types on a single machine.  With these tool-less quick and simple change parts, you can and maximize utility and efficiency.

There are many options available to tailor the MX000 series to your exact needs. Some of the options are nozzle heating stations, printing speed stations, bulk loading and packaging options.

Built for durability and reliability, the MX000 series of petri dish filling machines feature 304 stainless and anodized aluminum construction for strength and longevity.


  • Flexible, modular petri dish filling machines for speeds from:800 up to 8,000 units per hour
  • Range of optional modules to suit your exact requirements
  • 50% smaller footprint than other filling options on the market
  • 100% open lid drying for superior quality
  • Tool-less simple changeover allows many dish types on one machine