Industrial cook-in packaging line for cured meat

Industrial cook-in packaging offers numerous advantages for both foodservice operators and consumers. The moisture barrier and heat resistance properties of cook-in packaging allow easy microwave preparation, prevent contamination of cooking surfaces, and require no clean up. However, hygienic packaging of cured meats requires a high degree of precision and efficiency.

Cook-in packaging line guarantees optimal results without affecting the product

Boasting zero-drop production technology, the Cook-in by Colimatic produces high quality cooked meat by controlling production and keeping management and labor costs to a minimum. The model preserves the shape of different meat cuts and ensures total adherence of the meat’s packaging material. It allows total flexibility of the weight, dimensions, and shape of the product, while its special anti-drop loading area prevents residues of fluids near the sealing area.

The cook-in’s de-aeration chamber eliminates oxygen inside the product, making it ideal for packaging poultry, boneless meats, cured meats, and bone-in meats. The specific positioning of the valves, coupled with its fully washable surfaces, further ensures maximum hygiene and make the production line extremely corrosion resistant.


  • Exceptional barrier properties extend shelf life and ensure food safety
  • Vacuum cooking offers superior organoleptic and nutritional properties
  • Chamber preserves the shape of the product and eliminates any liquid leaks
  • Eliminates metal molds and reduces storage costs

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