High speed petri dish filling machine

Traditional petri dish filling machines take up a large amount of space in the cleanroom and offer slow speeds, both of which are inefficient when a high volume throughput is required. A cutting-edge filling solution that is not only designed for rapid filling but also has a much-reduced footprint and complete modularity brings instant benefits to your line.

Space-saving high-speed petri dish filling machines for the diagnostic culture media industry

The IQ-HSL High-Speed Petri Dish Filling Machine from IQ Designs is a high-speed, accurate, efficient easy to use system that provides 100% open dish drying.

A key benefit of the IQ-HSL High-Speed Petri Dish Filling Machine is its output per hour for filling either 90 mm Petri dishes at 12,000 uph. Also, it needs less than half the space of the traditional filling system, saving space and increasing efficiency.

Designed for running either 90mm mono Petri dishes or Contact plates at high speeds, the IQ-HSL High-Speed Petri Dish Filling Machine uses peristaltic pumps for accurate filling, meniscus generation for even distribution of media in the 90 mm plates. The HEPA tunnel is used for clean drying, tight row spacing, and other options such as a: nozzle heating station, integration with packaging systems and other options.

Highly energy efficient, the IQ-HSL High-Speed Petri Dish Filling Machine requires only single-phase power at either: 50/60Hz, 115/230VAC. It takes less power to run than your standard household vacuum cleaner! It’s also efficient because it’s built with servo-controlled and pneumatic-controlled movements for precision and accuracy.


  • High speed and accurate 12,000 uph output
  • Operates in about half the footprint of traditional filling machines
  • Energy-efficient – requires only standard single-phase supply
  • Only two operators required, reducing running costs
  • Wide range of options to suit your needs, including loading, printing and packaging