High-speed bouillon cube press machine

Mass production of bouillon cubes and tablets with very high output requires higher cost and energy. Using a double turret system can help obtain fast throughput levels by doubling production speed with lower cost and minimal power consumption.

Double turret press machine for monolayer bouillon cube production

The M40D bouillon cube press from Bonals is a machine suitable for producing high output levels of monolayer bouillon cubes or tablets. It features a unique double production speed and double dosing time that helps in accelerating the operation and gives fast throughput levels. It also has an automatic punch clean system to ensure clean operation. This pressing technology can be easily connected to any wrapping machine with a gentle product handling. Its human machine interface (HMI) has a 15” touch screen with pictogram buttons that helps to monitor operations and set up production parameters. SmartPress Monitoring also helps in analyzing and controlling the current press condition. The M40D output is up to 4000 cubes/min and 1600 tabs/min.


  • Easy integration to a packaging line
  • Up to 4000 cubes/min and up to 1600 tabs/min
  • Minimize mass stickiness through a cleaning tool
  • Compact size