Form fill seal thermoforming machine for medical devices

Form Fill Seal thermoforming machines are those that produce packaging, fill them with products, and seal them closed. These machines are also used for packaging diagnostic and medical devices that require flexible packaging. However, there’s nothing simple about medical devices, and there are very few machines that can meet the complicated and unique requirements of the medical industry with safety and precision.

Perfectly forms, seals and cuts packages

Engineered by Colimatic, THERA is the perfect packaging solution for customers looking for professional outputs in any type of working environment. Along with ensuring a fast format change, its hinged chambers also make maintenance and cleaning operations easier. This model is extremely reliable and can be used for packaging syringes, medical devices, dental kits, and emergency room kits.

A resistive-touch operator panel enables friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI) use in every working environment, while its safety system identifies hazards, stops operation, and activates remote assistance service to allow faster reaction times. Its packaging technologies include vacuum, shrink, sealing, modified atmosphere (MAP), and skin pack.

THERA’s innovative design further enables users to easily and quickly package different products, allowing versatility and flexibility in patterns, textures, colors, and finish. The Form Fill Seal machine can also be equipped with several different accessories to meet your specific needs, including printer, vacuum pump, different cutting systems, labeler, chiller, and automated loading.


  • Closed profile and stainless steel frame can withstand harsh packaging conditions
  • Modular design makes changing between molds a quick and easy task
  • Can easily be integrated into automated processing lines
  • Significantly reduces cost by using maximum usable material and creating minimum waste
  • Sloped surfaces allow complete washdown, ensuring a sanitary and hygienic platform for medical devices