Conveyors for causticizing and lime kilns

Modern lime processing occurs on an extremely large scale and process interruptions are expensive. Efficient operation of these plants requires equipment designed for reliable operation in a harsh environment. For this reason successful caustization operations rely on sophisticated conveyor systems provided by proven industry partners.

A full product range for lime processing with successful implementations all over the world

Raumaster has been working in industrial material handling applications for over 30 years and offers a complete line of conveyors, crushers, feeders, storage systems, and unloading systems for the lime processing industry.  Lime sludge, dry lime, hot lime dust, hot burnt lime, make-up lime, and limestone can all be handled by the company’s equipment.  All equipment is designed for reliability to ensure uninterrupted operation.  Particular attention is paid to the more difficult waste handling challenges common to caustization processes such as lime slaker’s large grit and the insoluble residue dregs associated with green liquor.  Rausmaster’s successful solutions to these difficult material handling tasks are found all over the world and the company’s lime mud feed screw is widely considered the most advanced and reliable kiln feeding equipment available.


  • Well proven designs from an industry leader in material handling in harsh environments
  • A full product suite of material handling solutions is available for the lime processing industry
  • All equipment is designed for reliable operation in a harsh environment
  • Lime mud feed screw is one of the most respected and relied upon pieces of kiln feeding equipment in the industry