Compact granulator for cuttable products

When working with plastics, film, and other cuttable products, you can benefit from a custom-designed granulator.

Cost-effective granulation at an attractive price

CL Compact granulator for cuttable products, from Hosokawa Alpine offers all the integrated technology necessary for the cost-effective comminution of all kinds of plastics. Developed as a universal granulator, it is characterized by a modern and user-oriented machine design as the starting point for custom-designed complete systems.

The universality and the technical features shift the product line right into the center of the customized systems for the recycling of plastic waste and plastic film of all types and shapes as well as other cuttable materials.

Its cross-scissor-cut rotor guarantees optimum material intake and distribution and thus high throughput rates at reduced energy consumption.

The typical materials processed are: PVC, Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, PP, ABS, PET, PC– TPU, PS, Cu, Copper wire, cables and many other materials.



  • Cross-scissor-cut rotor guarantees optimum material intake and distribution
  • Cost-effective comminution of all kinds of plastics
  • User-oriented machine
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Optimal accessibility for quick and easy cleaning