Cartoner with partitions for wine

Products filled in glass containers like wine, usually require carton packaging with preformed partitions between each item to prevent bottles from damage. However, these types of cartons are more expensive due to their higher production cost. A better way could be to use non-preformed partitions to save costs while keeping the packaged products safe and protecting them during transit.

Wrap-around carton packing system with non-preformed partitions

The wrap-around cartoner designed by Baumer is a carton packing system designed to pack bottles or cans into wrap-around cartons with non-preformed partitions. It is an ideal wrap-around cartoner for wines and other bottled products. The Baumer Wrap-Around has an external magazine for loading the cardboard and a bottom side magazine for loading the non-preformed partitions. The patented system for inserting partitions between bottles from below helps prevent damaging the labels, and by using simple cardboard pads instead of preformed partitions, raw material costs are reduced. As for controls, it uses a touchscreen panel that has multiple configurations for the packaging and allows changing configuration in a few seconds making the machine automatically set up for new products.


  • 20% savings on raw materials over preformed partitions
  • High production capacity at 80 cartons per minute
  • Easy and straightforward maintenance and operation
  • Configurable operation from a touch screen panel
  • Partitions available for all product configurations (e.g. 3x2 and 6x4)

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