#Changemaker: Is it a bird or a fertilizer-saving energy-preserving spray drone?

To be honest, when we talked to Tamás BORI we thought we had been catapulted into a sci-fi movie.

Using spraying drones in the agricultural industry is still a new thing, but it is gaining momentum thanks to the relaxation of drone laws by various countries.

Drones can save time, energy, and money, are more accurate, minimize the risk to farmers, can be operated remotely, and – last but not least – improve sustainable farming.

ABZ Innovation explained to us that drones could help reduce environmental impact. The traditional spraying method consumes 300 liters of chemicals, but farmers can bring that down to 10 liters with the ABZ Innovation spraying drones.

Drones use an airflow that forces the chemicals over smaller areas with higher accuracy, only in target areas where the chemicals are needed.

Drones are ready to spray. Are you?

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Tomato seeds
Tomato seeds