#Changemaker: Drinks producer sees a glass half-full after taking out additives

The back label of a bottle is more important than the front label. Beverage manufacturers use a formula of additives to ‘correct’ the base ingredients according to the taste expectations of consumers.

The modern palate is used to ultra-processed flavors and mouthfeel, and creating drinks that match these sensory parameters is a science in its own right.

But Soof Drinks decided to move down the opposite direction, cutting all additives. The Amsterdam-based company developed a range of natural-only syrups to create a new product category.
If the bottle says Lemon, Mint & Apple, it contains only lemon, mint, and apple.

As co-founder Daan Harterink explained, however, leaving out the preservatives presents new manufacturing challenges. But so committed is the Soof team to the concept that they managed to overcome these hurdles with innovative production techniques.

Cheers to Soof for the brilliant mix of syrups.

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