#Changemaker: Refix, the company that turns Galician seawater into a healthy drink

The cure for everything is seawater.

While most people probably think that the healing powers of seawater are a myth, someone actually believed it. And he did the right thing! The story comes from the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, where three Galician entrepreneurs came up with the idea of turning seawater into a recovery drink.

Making.com Changemaker - Refix

The Making.com team had the pleasure of meeting Raúl Anta at the Free From Amsterdam 2022 , one of the Founders of REFIX, an isotonic and healthy drink made from alkaline seawater that helps against fatigue, tiredness… and guess what? Resaca! (Hangover)

The seawater is extracted directly from the Atlantic Ocean, specifically in Costa da Morte, a natural place without industrial pollution and part of the Natura 2000 Network. Galician water has an optimal quality and an adequate pH, slightly basic.

REFIX contains 15% of the recommended daily value of magnesium naturally, in addition to the other minerals contained in seawater – seawater has 78 minerals.

The idea was born out of a desire to create a healthy recovery drink that contained more minerals and zero sugar. After extracting, seawater is filtered and sent to the factory. 20% of seawater is mixed with lemon juice or orange juice, the two flavors in which Refix is currently available – the orange flavor has a slightly sweeter taste due to the addition of agave syrup.

Refix is also a sustainable drink since it is bottled in glass and delivered in 100% recycled and recyclable FSC cardboard boxes.

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