#Changemaker: From Scotland, the award-winning vegan cheese that is taking the market by storm

Caboc? Nope. Crowdie? Nope. Lanark Blue? Nope. Bonchester cheese? Nope. Oh, wait… Did we say Scottish cheese?

We meant the Scottish Sheese!

From the beautiful Isle of Bute in Scotland, Bute Island Foods was the first company in the UK to produce vegan cheese alternative Sheese in 1988. The company’s first vegan cheese was a cheddar style soya-based cheese alternative.

Made with coconut oil and without hydrogenated fat or palm oil, Sheese products are gluten and lactose-free.

Winning is hard work and determination, and that’s why, with over 30 years of experience, the company received more awards than you can imagine. One of the latest examples was the victory of Smoked German Style as the Best Vegan Cheese 2019.

Over the years, the company increased its range of Sheese blocks, Creamy Sheese, Grated Sheese, and Sheese slices with different formats and flavors.



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Plant-based cheese
Plant-based cheese