Versatile strip packaging machine

Pack diverse products such as diagnostics, pharmaceutical liquids or flat, stable products and even complex products such as test strips, BFS containers or pre-filled syringes.

Compact and high-speed packaging machine for pharmaceutical solid products

The Romaco Siebler HM 2 Versatile strip packaging machine is a four-side-sealed foil pack, widely known as a sachet or pouch, such serves as a packaging medium for flat-shaped products. Many products require special protection and the Siebler HM 2 series provides hermetic seals in combination with high production rates. It can also pack complex products and the whole process is fully automated.

This Versatile strip packaging machine can produce 600 to 1500 products per minute and have a weight of 800 to 2800 kg depending on the Machine model.


  • Can pack maximum 1500 products per minute
  • Can pack flat to complex products
  • Complex products processed fully automatically
  • Multiple-lane operation permits high output