Trays sealing inspection machine

For the preservation of food products, the packaging step in a production line is a critical stage to protect items from outside contaminations in order to maintain the shelf life of food products. To verify that everything is as should be at this step, an inspection machine to check for sealing defects is a widely used solution for those who want to prevent market complaints.

In-line inspection solution to check proper sealing of trays

SIS700-IoT developed by FTsystem is an inspection solution that analyses the welding area in trays to check for any defects. SIS700-IoT works with advanced cameras in which a non-visible light can detect organic residues that cause a discontinuity in the sealing line of trays. If the tray is not properly sealed, the system will reject the product. One important feature of this system is that trays can also be inspected when the plastic cover is already applied. When the light system and cameras analyse a tray, they eliminate all non-organic element from the acquired image, like the plastic cover, finding just organic elements. The detection is not affected by the closure or the container colours; there is no colour limitation, opaque, transparent, and semi-transparent containers can be inspected. SIS700 can be provided with two different versions. If containers are transparent or opaque, NIR (Near Infrared Spectrum) technology is applied, which is able to detect semi-transparent elements like fat or liquids in the sealing area. If containers are not transparent, visible spectrum wavelength is used, where the system is able to detect only elements with a visible contrast shape, such as piece of dough or breadcrumbs.


  • It can be integrated with additional inspections (label presence, code reading etc.)
  • Wide range of packaging can be inspected
  • No container colour limitation for inspection

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