Tamper-evident labeling machine for cartons

As a security feature, all pharmaceutical packaging of medicines is required to have a tamper-evident closure. These closures are designed with a seal that has to be broken to open them, providing the user with an indication of whether or not the package has been compromised. This feature further provides visible evidence that tampering, if any, has occurred. However, applying tamper-evident labels requires a high degree of precision.

Offer tampering evidence and ensure inviolability with this labeling machine

The ML-CARTON by ETIMA can deliver an output of 24,000 containers per hour and is able to apply labels to up to 400 pcs per minute. With individual guidance and conveying of each carton, the machine has an incredibly compact footprint.

Along with applying government anti-fraud labels, it can also be used to set up a bollino, an Italian two layer paper security label, or vignette labeler. Moreover, it can install any Track & Trace and printing system, making the machine extremely flexible.

The ML-CARTON is further designed with a double rejection system for fewer errors. Lastly, each station individually controls each carton, which leads to greater efficiency and accuracy.


  • High-performance machine precisely applies vignette and self-adhesive labels
  • Integrates online printing with Track & Trace systems
  • Easy to install on existing or new production line
  • Quality control ensures high efficiency and sustainability