Pick and place transfer for strips into cartoner

Transfer your strip packs products directly to the cartoner.

Smart solution for connecting a strip packaging machine with a cartoner

The Romaco Siebler FT Flexible-Format Transfer Solutions is the perfect solution for connecting primary packaging machines with a variety of different cartoners. With a 2 to 8 lane operation (depending on type and size of product) up to 900 packs /min. are handled. A wide range of pack sizes can be processed. The transfer/stacking technology allows fully automated parameter setting from the stored format recipe.

Up to six FlexPicker robots are responsible for transferring the strip packs directly to the cartoner. It can handle 200 to 900 products per minute depending on the Machine model.


  • Servo-driven transfer of the sealed strips from the conveyor to the cartoner
  • Can pack maximum 900 products per minute
  • Pick-and-place system for guaranteed format flexibility
  • Camera guided pick-up
  • Rejection of non-qualified pack