Laboratory zigzag classifier

An up-stream classifier that separates different compounds with any precision of cut in the range of 100 µm to 6000 µm. Widely used in different industries, such as removal of sand or stones from spices in the food industry, dust extraction at approx. 100 µm in vitamins and so on.

Demonstrate classification under a plexiglass cover

The Multi-Plex zigzag classifier MZM from Hosokawa Alpine is an up-stream classifier, with a zigzag geometry of the classifying tube, which ensures that the coarse material is repeatedly rinsed by the classifying air.

This results in a multi-stage classification and the classifier achieves an extremely high precision of cut. The cut point can be adjusted over a range from 0.1 to approx. 6 mm. The classifier is mainly used for sorting and separating different materials. Because the classifying process can be viewed through the Plexiglas cover, the 1-40 MZM is ideal as a demonstration model for up-stream classification and as a test stand for laboratory trials during the course of teaching activities.


  • Airflow rate 6 - 60 m³/h, corresponds to 1 - 10 m/s flow velocity
  • Batch mode, batch size either 0.5 or 25 liters
  • Throughput approx. 3 - 30 kg/h
  • Maximum feed size approx. 10 mm
  • High precision of cut with coarse material free from fines