Laboratory spiral jet mill

Ideal for the ultra-fine size reduction on a laboratory scale of dry materials up to Mohs’ hardness 3 and powder fineness of 5 µm to 40 µm. Suitable for high-grade pharmaceuticals and fine-grade chemicals.

Ultrafine size reduction of mini-batches

The laboratory spiral jet mill, 50 AS from Hosokawa alpine is used for ultra-fine size reduction of dry materials with a crystalline structure up to Mohs hardness of three and production of a powder with a high ultra-fine portion between 0.5 and 30µm.

Often used for processing pharmaceutical active substances like parenteralia, DPIs (dry powder inhalants) and other active substances.

This compact and portable design meets the highest pharmaceutical standards and is ideal for the operation in an isolation containment device.


  • Suitable for mini batches from 3 to 100 g (50 AS)
  • Compact, smooth monobloc design, crack- and crevice-free with no dead spaces, no welding seams
  • Minimal product loss, i.e. optimal yield
  • Small and easy to handle - ideal for set-up in a laboratory fume hood
  • The individual components can be sterilized in an autoclave