Fast printer for petri dishes

Adding a rotary edge printing facility to a petri dish filling system can be complex and expensive. By choosing a fully flexible edge printing module that can work with any inkjet and be easily added to any line, or even used standalone, you can see a rapid return on investment.

Modular inkjet edge printing solution for petri dish lines

The IQ-RPS High Speed Rotary Edge Printing System from IQ Designs is a completely flexible printing system for petri dishes.  The IQ-RPS can be added to any existing production petri dish filling system and can be specified as part of a new petri dish filling line from IQ Designs, or even used in a standalone printing station.

The IQ-RPS High Speed Rotary Edge Printing Station allows you to print anything that your industrial inkjet printer can print – including text and barcodes – and, at almost 280 degrees around the dish if required.

Compatible with the fastest print solutions, IQ-RPS can operate at up to 10,000 dishes per hour.

The footprint is extremely compact at only 0.6m x 0.6m, making it suitable for almost any situation.


  • Works with any petri dish filler, or even standalone
  • Capable of high throughput, up to 10,000 per hour
  • Works with all industrial inkjet printers
  • Can offer up to 280 degree printing
  • Small form factor, fits any location