This alternative snack has got your back

Could you imagine a road trip, a stressful day at work or also just binge watching a TV series without a crispy fried snack to munch on? If your answer is no, it might be time to switch from traditional fried snacks to alternative options which are relatively healthier. Corn is one of the most widely grown cereal crop in the world and while most of it is used for animal feed and industrial materials, we cannot forget the delicious snack options it offers us as consumers.

This alternative snack has got your back

Why choose to snack on corn nuts?

Corn nuts are simply kernels of corn roasted, toasted or deep-fried. They do not have any benefits or disadvantages over different corn foods. With just 130 calories per 1/3-cup serving, they’re relatively low in calories compared to their counterparts, but fairly high in sodium and fat. Corn nuts contain mostly unsaturated fat, which plays an important role in regulating cholesterol levels and maintaining a healthy heart. However, it is very important to consume the snack in moderation, as the overall fat levels are high.

How are your corn nuts fried?

Manufacturers of corn nuts usually sink the kernels into water for a few days to bring them to their original size or rehydrate them. The corn is then either roasted, deep fried or toasted, further flavoured and packed. A study done in Egypt in 2016 shows how frying is the preferred method when it comes to processing corn nuts, scoring higher than roasting in aspects such as taste, color, crispiness and flavor. When frying corn, it is important to ensure a fresh, crispy and consistent product with the lowest oil usage during the frying process. The industrial fryer should enable gentle heat transfer to heat up the frying oil with a very small fluctuation in temperature of the frying oil. If you want to bring out an alternative, delicious snack for your customers, you should check out the below equipment descriptions.

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