Personalized chocolate packaging on the spot

What is a perfect souvenir? Is it useful? Is it personalized for you? Does it remind you about the experience? Is it tasty?  Ideally, it would unite all of these qualities. I found a technology that could be one of the possible solutions to this problem.

How does it work?

Imagine you are walking around the museum, looking around, and taking pictures. At some moment in your tour, you scan a special QR code with your phone and visit the dedicated webpage where you can upload one of the photos you just made. This photo goes directly to the museum shop, where it is printed on the label. Then this label goes in the packaging machine where it wraps the chocolate of your choice. By the time you leave the museum, your unique souvenir is already there, waiting for you at the exit. Isn’t that cool?

Different design options

Another cool thing is that you as the customer have several options when it comes to chocolate and packaging. For example, you can choose to have a “puzzle”, which means that 6 small chocolates 50 mm by 50 mm will together create one picture.  Or you can choose that all the chocolates will have the same picture. The same equipment can also be used to pack bigger chocolates, ranging from 25 mm up to 200 mm. This can be a great solution not only for museums, but also for leisure parks, brand stores, gift shops, and artisan chocolate producers.

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