From glass to pouches, the new cosmetics packaging format

With the increasing awareness of sustainability, more and more brands have tried to put more effort into achieving sustainability. Recently, Maybelline has taken its first step to packing one of its bestselling products into pouches. The revamped packaging decreases manufacturing and transportation and brings multiple benefits to the consumers, such as enabling them to squeeze out the last drop of the product without wasting any. Bearing the advantages in mind, flexible packaging could be the new trend in the cosmetics industry.

Packaging revolution for make-up products

Have you ever seen a foundation that comes in a pouch before? While Maybelline’s bestselling Matte + Poreless Foundation has typically come in clear, glass bottles with black lids, recently, Maybelline has decided to revamp the packaging into a more eco-friendly format. Going from glass to pouch has enabled manufacturing a lot more sustainable. Maybelline being the pioneer in the cosmetics industry to launch pouch packaging, is a reason to believe that it is the new trend for other brands to follow.

Spouted stand up pouch for cosmetics

A spouted stand-up pouch is the most popular format to pack foundation, premier, or any other cosmetics products into pouches. The design can hold liquid and stand effectively on the store shelves. A spout or cap, which can be placed in the middle or the corner of the pouches, gives consumers the benefits of more controlled dispensing.


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